Automotive Industry
Car assembly line: Wireless communication enabled for the AGV fleet at assembly line, aligned with the plant IT policy 
Railway lifting: Mobile railway lifting jacks for complete trains, covering flexible positioning of the several lifting jacks
Steel Industry
Automated crane control: In a galvanizing plant, 10 fully automatic cranes communicating to the main PLC via radio connections
Warehouse operation: Reliable wireless data transmisson of several AMR fleets for safe and efficient workflows, aligned with security policies 
Process Industry
Wastewater treatment: Reliable monitoring of process data as well as field device conditions
Railway traffic: Retrofit of a lifting bridge for railway traffic for fully automated, failsafe operation
Event Industry
Amusement rides: Reliable and failsafe data transmission over the air for amusement rides at several theme parks
Automotive Industry
Body shop line: Wireless communication enabled for the welding robots, aligned with the plant IT policy