Service on-site or remote to support you from planning to commissioning

We support your wireless tasks through the whole project

Understanding the wireless needs of your customer project

  • We deliver solution proposals for reliable application connectivity as well as a stable backbone network

  • We support the solutions engineering through to PoC-type application testing, and loop in determined improvements


Delivering tailor-made wireless hardware products 

  • We deliver tailor-made wireless hardware that meets the determined technical specifications and procurement requirements

  • We support the commissioning and integration of the specific wireless solution through to factory acceptance testing (FAT)



Providing commissioning services for your wireless application on-site at your customer 

  • We support a hassle-free roll-out of your application while collaborating with both  the OT and IT people at your customer

  • We support the commissioning of the wireless solutions as crucial part of your project through to site acceptance testing (SAT) at your customer